Soil test prior application

Testing requirments for using EB

In order to evaluate your project demands in terms of possibilities, quantities and way of application with our EB stabilizer, 

the following test should be done prior final recommendations. 

Please add to the results the coordinate of your project location. 

Earthbind® 100 Dust Control Longevity

One of the most common questions we receive is “How long will Earthbind last on my road”.

Unfortunately, this is a very complicated question to answer concisely due to so many variables that can affect longevity.

Dust Control on an active mine haul road

Dust Control on an Active Mine Haul Road

 Treating an active mine haul road requires a special type of procedure. Normally with any type of dust palliative it is not effective to treat a haul road one time at the beginning of a project and expect the one-time only application to last months. The reason is that the treated haul road will become re-impacted daily with material falling off of haul trucks, blow-on dust and track-on dust. In reality, even if the haul road was paved it would become dusty in a short period of time due to these factors. 

Earthbind® PRODUCTS


Earthbind® products are specifically made to be an effective environmentally-friendly dust control palliative and stabilizer. 

Earthbind® is considered to be a bio-based modified bituminous emulsion. 

Earthbind® is sold as a liquid concentrate and is diluted with water for application purposes. 

Earthbind® 100 vs.

Calcium & Magnesium Chlorides

 When compared to calcium or magnesium chloride...

Earthbind® Stabilizer vs.

Enzyme Stabilizer

 When compared to enzyme stabilizers...

Earthbind® 100 vs


 When compared to Lignosulfonates (Lignin)...

Earthbind® vs.

Synthetic Polymers

 When compared to polyvinyl acrylics and acetate polymers...

Earthbind® vs.


 EB Products and PennzSuppress are formulated with proprietary compounds and both are considered to be environmentally-friendly. EB 100 and EB Stabilizer are considered to be modified asphalt emulsions. PennzSuppress is considered to be a petroleum resin. 

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