IRRIDAN - Road Stabilization & Dust Control is a professional company which provides products and services for various industries for the purpose of dust control, soil and roads stabilization, cold paving using RAP and to the traditional paving market.

Our clients are Governments, Municipalities, Military, Security Services, Agriculture Sector, Airports & Air Strips, Mines, Construction Sites, Factories, Private Sector and more.

We provide wide range of products which are innovative, versatile and environmentally friendly

 Our range of products

אירידן ייצוב ומניעת אבק בדרכי אפר

materials for the purposes of preventing dust, stabilization of dirt roads (unpaved roads), cold paving technology using recycling asphalt (RAP) and as a prime coat for the paving industry. Our formulation as prime coat has numerous advantages compared to the traditional prime coat.

We can solve any of your dust, stabilization and cold paving demands including prime coat for traditional Asphalt paving, using our years of experience and the best product family in the market. 

Our factory has a production capacity of apprx. 120 cubic meters a day and ready-made product storage capacity of apprx. 2000 cubic meters.  The factory sends tens of thousands of liters of products on rail tankers and trucks as well as containers by sea freight worldwide. We see great importance in providing professional service and unique products for our customers satisfaction


The markets where we are active in include the Middle East, Africa, China, Sri Lanka, some countries in Eastern and Western Europe and more. Companies interested in cooperation as local agent/dealer in their own countries, are invited to contact us today at info@irridan.com 


 Our range of products are quality, versatile and environmentally-friendly. 

Our blend can be customized in different compositions according purpose of use.

We provide our customers with world leading products for unpaved roads stabilization,dust control on unpaved roads, an innovative material for cold paving technology while using recycled asphalt (RAP) and as a prime cote for asphalt paving 


Driving on dirt roads (unpaved roads) generates a lot of dust.

US university studies show that for every mile of dirt road (1,600 meters) in width of 3 meters, rising to air dust weighing 1 ton during one year. This dust is actually the road construction material - or in other words the money invested in the construction of the road ends up flying through the air .

Beyond the destruction of the road and the economic loss, it is clear that the dust is harmful to crops, roofs of greenhouses, animal, solar farms, causes mechanical damage to machines and vehicles, lack of safety as a result of the decrease in visibility while driving and of course health damages.

The polymer material that we offer is sprayed across the road and prevents dust completely.

The product is suitable for implementation on dirt roads, parking lots, loading areas, runways of light aircraft, construction zones, agriculture roads, military demands, mines, forestry industry, quarries and concrete plants, etc.


We all know the destruction of the white roads and rural roads as a result of rainfall and windblown dust while driving on the roads.

The Stabilizer we offer is superior in maintaining roads. It is applied by spraying roads through the construction process or renovation, mixed with substrate or soil to different depths of 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm depending on different variables.

The Stabilizer is mixed with a motor-grader or dedicated tools for road/soil stabilization. At the end of the process a roller goes on the road for compaction. The final stage is one more spraying of Stabilizer solution as top shot on the road surface  for sealing. It is very important to build the road with the right geometric shapes to prevent standing of water on the road in the rainy season.